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Zhejiang Gaia Textile Co.,Ltd , was established in 2000, which is near to Shanghai and Ningbo port. We established a new company called Jiangsu Gaia New Material Co.,Ltd in 2021. It's the big enterprise now which specialize in manufacturing all kinds of PVC material including architectural membrane series, ventilation duct material series, tarpaulin material series, inflatable material series and all kinds finished products . Our company has 3 production lines, the width can be up to 3.6 M. Monthly production capacity: more than 4,500,000 square meters.

Product Industry Knowledge Extension

Where can PVC materials be used
Because PVC materials are mildew-proof, insect-proof, and have obvious water resistance, compared with other types of canvas, they are more waterproof, softer at low temperatures, high in tensile strength, and relatively light in weight. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses, and can be used in foreign trade transportation, in grain depots for storing grain, on docks for transportation, on tents for outdoor play, as well as coal mines, railway and road transportation, warehousing, coal mines, open-air freight yards and other canvas products middle.

What are the standards for the transportation of PVC architectural membrane?
There are several transportation standards for PVC architectural membrane:
1. Return of unloaded PVC architectural membrane on special line or special railway: after unloading, the consignee will sort out the PVC architectural membrane according to the rules within two days based on the "truck PVC architectural membrane transfer form" filled by the freight forwarder of the special line (cleaning, folding ) to the PVC architectural membrane room at the station, if the consignee fails to deliver the PVC architectural membrane on the stipulated date, the delayed use fee of the PVC architectural membrane shall be charged according to the regulations, and if it is less than one day, it shall be calculated as one day.
2. When there is any abnormality in the inspection, the consignee must unload the truck together with the freight forwarder of the special line.
3. It is forbidden to cut and damage the PVC architectural membrane and ropes. If the PVC architectural membrane is found to be lost or damaged due to the responsibility of the consignee, and the waist and side ropes are missing, it shall be handled according to the "Disposal Method for Damage and Loss of Railway PVC Architectural Membrane".
4. Before using PVC architectural membrane at the sending station, the quality should be checked one by one. When using the railway PVC architectural membrane, fill in the PVC architectural membrane number in the "railway truck PVC architectural membrane number" column of the waybill; Mark the "×" symbol, and check whether the shipper has indicated "self-prepared PVC architectural membrane × sheets" and the number in the "Shipper's Items" column of the cargo waybill.
5. Railway PVC architectural membrane used for loading on special lines and special railways: freight personnel on special lines and special railways fill out the "Truck PVC architectural membrane handover form" (in duplicate), and the shipper fills in the " Truck PVC architectural membrane handover list" to pick up at the station. And check them one by one (fabric is intact, no damage, eye circles are intact, markings and numbers are intact and clear. The rope is complete, intact, without joints, firmly plugged, and correctly connected to the PVC architectural membrane), and check the number. After the verification is correct, the shipper fills in the PVC architectural membrane number and the vehicle number corresponding to the canopy with the "truck PVC architectural membrane handover form" filled out by the tent manager.

Advantages of waterproof PVC fabric
1. If the life is long, ①. Choose the appropriate fabric according to the conditions of use; ②. It depends on the quality of the fabric, craftsmanship, etc.; ③. Various fabrics can also be used for a longer life after treatment. The life of waterproof PVC fabric can be extended after surface treatment.
2. The density of PVC is between 0.8-2.2g/cm3, generally only 1/3-1/4 of steel, 1/2 of aluminum, and 1/3 of concrete, which is similar to wood. Used in decoration and renovation projects, it can reduce the construction strength and reduce the self-weight of buildings.
3. The specific strength of PVC is much higher than that of cement concrete, which is close to or even exceeds that of steel. It is a light-weight and high-strength material.